Submission Guidelines

Click here to go to writing sample submission form

Click here to submit your writing sample or query letter.

The virtual writers’ workshop takes place through Twitter on Tuesday, September 18 and Wednesday, September 19 from 2 to 5 p.m. ET. We will employ the hashtag #litchatbetsy to designate the chat.

Several published authors will be on hand during the writing workshop sessions to lead discussions on specific elements in the craft of fiction, such as voice, plot, character development, creating and maintaining momentum, etc. Wednesday, September 19th’s session features a query letter clinic led by Jennifer Weltz of the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency. (See complete schedule here.)

We will schedule the chats in one-hour segments, with one author leading the discussion for that writing sample over that period of time.

Writing Sample Submission and Selection

Writing samples and query letters to be critiqued by the visiting author will be chosen from samples submitted and posted to this website. As soon as writing samples are submitted, we will post them to a dedicated page on the website and open comments from participants. We encourage everyone who submits a writing sample to critique as many of the other writing samples as possible. At the end of the submission period, the LitChat Literary Salon team will select one writing sample from each category for critique during the virtual writers’ workshop.

Submissions can be excerpts from long-form manuscripts or short stories. Maximum length of submission is 3,000 words. When submitting your work, make sure your manuscript is formatted in online style, which is:

  • No indents
  • Hard returns after each paragraph
  • One hard return between each paragraph

Please make sure your name as you wish it to be published is printed at the top of your writing sample, along with title and word count.

There is no entry fee to participate. Although you are welcome to participate in multiple categories, please submit only one writing sample per category.

  • Deadline for writing sample submissions: September 15, 2012

Submissions must be made through the submission form found here.

Writing samples will be accepted for the following genres:

  • General fiction (includes women’s fiction, literary fiction, etc.)
  • Romance (includes all subcategories including historical, paranormal, contemporary, chick lit.)
  • Mystery and thriller (includes all subcategories including historical, cozy, noir, etc.)
  • Sci-fi and fantasy (includes all subcategories including paranormal, urban, mythical, etc.)
  • Young adult fiction (includes subcategories from all genres)
  • Memoir and nonfiction

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