Arvore, a query from Memory Scarlett

Query Letter for ARVORE
Category: Adult fantasy
Memory Scarlett, author
Twitter: @xicanti
Word Count: not provided

Half-brothers Sim and Bear hope their mercenary experience will earn them a place at Arvore’s military academy. A settled life in the city sculpted from the living forest is a prize indeed, though it could expose their most damaging secret. Four years ago, Bear fled his tyrannical father — and his responsibilities as prince of an island nation. If the brothers are discovered, none of Sim’s tricks will keep Bear free of the stifling role he fought so hard to escape.

Admission to the academy’s unconventional spycraft class gives Sim hope for a bright and secretive future. His optimism dies when he clashes with Rhydion, a classmate with a penchant for sabotage. Sim digs through Rhydion’s past in a desperate search for leverage, but he discovers something much worse than an academic misdemeanor. The saboteur has ties to Bear’s father — and he’s learned the brothers’ secret.

ARVORE, an adult fantasy, is complete at 86,000 words. I have no prior fantasy publications; however, one of my short stories is forthcoming in FELT TIPS, an erotica anthology edited by Tiffany Reisz. In addition to my fiction writing, I run an SFF-oriented book blog called Stella Matutina and maintain an active, bookish presence on Twitter.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


3 thoughts on “Arvore, a query from Memory Scarlett

  1. A few points were a bit rough.

    “None of Sim’s tricks..” What tricks?

    Maybe reword the second paragraph, so it flows a bit better. Like, “In order to keep Rhydion from uncovering the brothers’ secret, Sim digs through Rhydion’s past in a desperate search for leverage of his own and discovers something much worse than an academic misdemeanor.” And then leave off the next sentence, this will keep suspense.

    These are just my opinions and feedback. This looks very unique and interesting.Good luck!

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