Query: The Heartbreak Messenger, by Alexander Vancee

The following is a query which Jennifer Weltz submitted as an example of a query that worked for her. She will refer to it during her session in the LitChat Literary Salon’s Virtual Writers’ Workshop on September 19, 2012.

Ms. Weltz:

This query is in regards to The Heartbreak Messenger, a humorous middle-grade novel. Twelve-year-old Quentin never asked to be The Heartbreak Messenger, it just kind of happened—and he’s not one to let a golden opportunity pass him by. The valuable communication service he offers is simple: he delivers break-up messages. And for a small fee, he will deliver that message to your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. If you order the deluxe package, he’ll even throw in some flowers and a box of chocolates. The flowers kind of say, “Thanks for the memories.” And the chocolates? Well, you don’t want to leave a girl completely alone…

At first, Quentin’s entrepreneurial brainchild is surprisingly successful. But as he interacts with clients, message recipients, and his long-time best friend, Abigail, it doesn’t take long for him to wonder if he’ll make it through to the other side with his own heart in one piece. Quentin discovers that the game of love and the emotions that go with it are as complicated as they come—even for an almost-innocent bystander. This brisk 26,000-word novel, infused with Quentin’s dry wit, presents an engaging character that is clueless yet brilliant, sarcastic yet sensitive.

With a background in film editing, I have a good feel for quick dialogue and tight scenes, which is evident in this novel. My short stories have also been published in The New Era, a magazine for youth.

May I send the completed manuscript for your review? Thank you for your time and consideration.



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